So what were you into in the 80's Were you dancing to bands such as Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran, Tears for Fears or were you more into Prince, Michael Jackson, Kylie and Rick Astley. What ever your favourite sound were we play them all! From ABC to ZZ Top and everything in between. Do you remember tuning in to Swap Shop, Juliet Bravo, Smith & Jones  or dreading a Sunday night watching That's Life knowing you were going back to school the next day. Can you remember rushing in from school to watch Grange Hill or grabbing a quick cartoon from the Clangers, just before tea. The Eighties were fun when you look back on them now, so why not join us at Club Tropicana and re live the good times, after all it is one of Edinburgh's Premier nights out.
Click below to watch what the admen were trying to sell us. Were we really that gullible
Click below to see the cars we were driving in the 80's.  The XR3i still rules ...
Click below to hear all the number 1's of the eighties. How many can you remember?

Commercial Break

80's Wheels

No1's Of The Eighties


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